Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Beeswax Review

I'm stuck inside due to a snow day (visiting Richmond, VA this week). That means I can tell you about the beeswax experience.

While in Antigua for Christmas, my cousin offered to retwist my hair for me.  Who turns down a free retwist?  Not me.  I didn't actually plan on doing my hair, so I am brought was shampoo and coconut oil.  She brought over black gel and beeswax to work with.

She mixed the two which resulted in a brown color.  The final result was a pretty sticky mixture.  The actual retwist was good, but but I wasn't a fan of the look of the mix in my hair.  Take my work for it since I didn't take any pictures.

This retwist lasted just over three weeks.  When I finally washed my hair, it took about four lathers to feel clean.  That could be a combo of the amount of product and the fact that I hadn't made any shampoo in a while so the ratio in the bottle might have been a bit off.

Would I used beeswax again?  Probably not, mainly due to the sticky feeling which took about a week to subside.  Would I recommend it to some else?  Why not?  You need to try things out to figure out what works for you.  Especially if it's for the free.

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